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The last self catering which was added to the database is

Name/address " La Plage à Pied" 100m ~ Bretagne
Size 6 persons - 3 bedrooms
Prices/week €220.00 (minimum) - €750.00 (maximum)
Characteristics of the self catering pets - garden/terrace - inside village/town - weekend rental - no smoking


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On this site you can as the owner of a self catering without any charge, add the data of your self catering. Immediately a number of pages will be published with the information about your self catering on this site and the sites in other languages.
All relevant information for you as a owner of a self catering can be found on the page for the owner.


About a self catering unit in France

What is a self catering unit?

A self catering unit in France is an accommodation which is rented out for short periods, like a week, or a week-end. A self catering unit can be a house, an apartment, a bungalow, a villa, a farm, a mill, a castle or even an estate.

From whom do you rent?

You rent the self catering in France directly from the owner. The publisher - the foundation Stichting Augustus - only supplies the infrastructure for the owner to have published a number of pages about his self catering unit.


Foundation Stichting Augustus


This site is the result of a request of a number of friends who own a gîte in France. They wanted a site which did not charge any costs to either the owner or the tenant, a site which was multilingual and without any frills. We started at the end of 2005 and reached high figures in the number of registrations and pageviews. Furthermore, we were often asked to start in other countries and with other types of accommodation. This all is now done by the foundation Stichting Augustus by defining, developing, maintaining and providing an infrastructure to publish information about holiday accommodation.
The editor of the french sites is Amatilla.


Questions are answered via the link questions.


Where are the self caterings?

Self caterings per department

Follows a list with the number of self caterings per department.
Ain (22)
Aisne (20)
Allier (67)
Alpes-Maritimes (133)
Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (84)
Ardennes (14)
Ardèche (258)
Ariège (82)
Aube (10)
Aude (215)
Aveyron (81)
Bas-Rhin (84)
Isère (55)
Bouches-du-Rhone (125)
Calvados (101)
Cantal (73)
Charente (70)
Charente-Maritime (159)
Cher (17)
Corrèze (65)
Corse (88)
Creuse (41)
Côte-d Or (31)
Côtes-d Armor (163)
Deux Sèvres (82)
Dordogne (385)
Doubs (48)
Drôme (141)
Essonne (6)
Eure (28)
Eure-et-Loir (7)
Finistère (230)
Gard (230)
Gers (70)
Gironde (94)
Haute-Loire (53)
Haut-Rhin (116)
Haute-Garonne (55)
Haute-Marne (12)
Haute-Savoie (107)
Haute-Saône (25)
Haute-Vienne (42)
Hautes-Alpes (75)
Hautes-Pyrénées (111)
Hauts-de-Seine (8)
Hérault (199)
Ille-et-Vilaine (87)
Indre (20)
Indre-et-Loire (76)
Jura (56)
Landes (60)
Paris (26)
Loir-et-Cher (40)
Loire (30)
Loire-Atlantique (55)
Loiret (11)
Lot (158)
Lot-et-Garonne (139)
Lozère (45)
Maine-et-Loire (81)
Manche (137)
Marne (9)
Mayenne (12)
Meurthe-et-Moselle (6)
Meuse (18)
Morbihan (135)
Moselle (8)
Nièvre (89)
Nord (15)
Oise (6)
Orne (25)
Pas-de-Calais (104)
Puy-de-Dome (99)
Pyrénées-Atlantiques (66)
Pyrénées-Orientales (176)
Rhône (23)
Sarthe (26)
Savoie (137)
Saône-et-Loire (86)
Seine-Maritime (61)
Seine-St-Denis (3)
Seine-et-Marne (16)
Somme (28)
Tarn (88)
Tarn-et-Garonne (76)
Territoire de Belfort (1)
Val-d Oise (9)
Val-de-Marne (4)
Var (238)
Vaucluse (217)
Vienne (28)
Vosges (124)
Yonne (42)
Yvelines (28)
Vendée (131)



The database of Look-and-Book

Total number of accommodations 11,505
Number of self catering units 8,475

This site; self-catering-in-France

Date site started 2006-09-01
Number of self catering units on this site 7,707
Number of self caterings viewed 7,873,834
Number of photos viewed 8,867,844
Number of visits to owner sites 102,144
Number of questions asked. 14,857


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